#325 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 11 – THE 80/20 RULE

#325 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 11 – THE 80/20 RULE

#325 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 11 – THE 80/20 RULE 1024 682 I-Unlimited


90-day-game-plan DAY 11 – THE 80/20 RULE

Welcome to day 11 of your 90 day-game-plan. This is Dr. Julian Hosp and I’m going to be your 1 on 1 trainer for those 90 days. If you saw the title of the 80/20 rule and you will be like: “Isn’t this the same thing we talked about yesterday?” No, it’s the 80/20 principle.

Yesterday we talked about the 20/80 principle, which is the other way around. The reason is the following: Yesterday we reflected on what is the single most important thing you should be doing that gives you a lot of results. Today were going to flip it around: What are the 80% of things that give you almost no results however you still keep doing them just for the heck of it?


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