Our Vision

How I-Unlimited was created – in a nutshell: 2015 was a year full of change and development for all of us three co-founders. We had been working together in communication marketing in Hong Kong for several years, but decided to take a new path. It was time for new challenges – our own challenge. We wanted to develop and grow more.

Julian, the breakthrough creator, is outstanding in business development. His absolute strength is to explain complex issues clearly and easily, so that many people can simply expand their knowledge. Through his experience in professional sports as well as in medicine and business development, he knows what mental strength is and how everyone can optimally use it for themselves.

Bettina attaches great importance to organization and satisfaction or what we call “happiness”. She excels in customer support and for her it is easy to portray complex organization and to work out a clear structure.

Patricia is our ‘networking genius’ and excels in building relationships (private or business). Whether community management, team leading or in contact with customers: she knows how to establish like no one else a long-term and above all profound relationship.

We decided to combine and share our capabilities along with our knowledge. That’s why we founded the “Academy of Success Beyond Limits” where we share our knowledge and experience of finance, sports, mental strength, organization, management, leadership, and networking, whether in the form of podcasts, videos, mastermind groups or other ways.
What vision and mission is I-Unlimited pursuing? And which core values play a key role here?
“Only what you have experienced yourself, you can pass on to others.” That’s our maxim for 100% of our work. Due to our different backgrounds (professional sports, medicine, elite university, marketing team lead, etc.), we offer a portfolio of different skills, on which we focus.
It is our vision to show you a way to become the best version of yourself. In addition we pursue the mission to offer all our knowledge simple and in small steps as well as to build up a gigantic community in order to trigger a “success beyond limits” movement. You deserve to be happy and successful! Leave this important task to no one else but yourself.
Our core values are composed of supporting each other, taking responsibility, encouragement,  cause treatment instead of treating symptoms and, of course, secrecy.

Our Mission

Each of our co-founders have a different background: Medicine vs. Marketing vs. Networking / Management. Over the past few years, we have developped our expertise and became experts in areas such as blockchain, marketing and operations.
In Julian’s “Be Successful Beyond Limits” 30 day program (which was published so far in German), the various areas of life are worked on in order to progress on different levels.
It is our goal not to limit ourselves to one area, but to make our entire knowledge to become “Successful Beyond Limits” available to you.
For this we have created the I-Unlimited Pyramid of Needs with eight blocks.
These blocks help you on your way to a completely happy and fulfilled life.
For each block we have a top product, which supports you on your way. So far, most of our products are offered in German, but we are working on expanding our English product range, too.
We also bring external experts on board, so you learn from the best of the best.
For example, if you are dealing with emotion or time management as well as learning, the 30-day program (in German), the 12-week course (in German) or the I-Unlimited Mastermind (in German) annual course are the perfect companions. When it comes to finance, however, the ETF savings plan (in German) and financial foundation (in German) will help you to build a good foundation and make your first investments. Etc.
We cover a mix of the top two blocks “Future” and “Finance” with our brand #cryptofit and our mission ‘Let’s make the world #cryptofit’. Together with TenX we offer in the German-speaking countries with Julian CryptoNights or our exclusive Cryptomind group (both so far in German).
In addition to that, we also have our own (https://www.youtube.com/c/IUnlimited) as well as Julian’s youtube channel (www.youtube.com/julianhosp) with German and English videos.
It is our mission to make #cryptofit or limitless success!