#380 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 66 – WHAT ARE FRAMES?

#380 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 66 – WHAT ARE FRAMES?

#380 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 66 – WHAT ARE FRAMES? 701 666 I-Unlimited


#380 – 90-day-game-plan DAY 66 – WHAT ARE FRAMES?

Welcome to day 66 of your 90-day-game-plan. I am Dr. Julian Hosp and I am your 1:1 trainer during those 90 days. So, what are these frames exactly and what are the most important ones?

  1. Power Frame: crush with Price Frame (Take away) & Disruptor (funny & intrigue) & Expert frame
  2. Time Frame: crush with power frame and show you have even less time
  3. Expert / best idea Frame: crush with funny frame
  4. Reasoning / legal Frame: crush with Intrigue & Funny Frame
  5. Funny Frame: crush with Moral Frame
  6. Moral Frame: crush with intrigue & expert / best idea frame
  7. Intrigue Frame: crush with time & price frame
  8. Price Frame: crush with Status frame
  9. Status frame: crush with Expert frame (situational)
  10. Anaylist Frame (BAD!) crush with intrigue frame


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